Since 2014 we have been providing custom software development, web development, database development, mobile applications, embedded systems, software consulting services and IT recruitment from small to fortune 500 enterprises. We are based in Brampton but we deliver projects locally or internationally.

Software Development

With years of experience developing great custom software for clients in Canada. We take the time to uncover your needs so we can deliver the best possible end-product.

We have the technical, business and project management expertise needed to execute projects. That means we can hit the ground running and guide you to the perfect custom software solution!

We are one of the few companies in Canada developing software using the Microsoft Micro Framework to create innovative hardware/software solutions.

Software Developers

Our developers are well skilled and maintain high ethics and work standards. They have the aptitude, experience and technology knowledge to work at client sites.

Once you have our team working for you under your direct supervision, you can be assured to get the best possible quality product for your business within your expected time and money.

Web Development

From simple websites to bespoke web applications that streamline your business, we've got the lot. We develop scalable and highly efficient applications for the web and mobile platforms.

Our expert team of experienced developers create cutting edge web & mobile applications across diverse business domains. We focus on offering advanced features, and enhanced functionality through the use of appropriate technologies ensuring a successful result.

We have deep knowledge of ecommerce system from B2B, C2B, cXML, eProcurement etc. that scale from your online store to a corporate supply chain EDI integration.

Software Consulting

We are a technology consulting company that provides you with a full range of solutions.

The solutions provided by us are dependable, scalable, and are customized as per your needs. Our consultants are highly professional.

We possess a range of skills including business analysis, project management, software auditing and systems architecture and have successfully completed many projects locally and internationally.

We can also provide a third party opinion on your software design to ensure you have taken into account all aspects of the solution. This can also provide team confidence in the solution building stage.



Our qualified, professional teams are made up of the industry's best and brightest IT consultants.



Our extensive experience spans across public and private sector firms of all sizes. We understand business processes and technologies and the challenges you face.



We are dedicated to provide you high quality IT services that are robust, scalable, and cost-effective.

  • ‎"Innovation is leading by example and doing what you think is right not what other people say is ‎wrong!"‎


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