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We Do Awesome Software Development

We take the time to uncover your needs so we can deliver the best possible end-product.

Software development solutions that exceed expectations!‎

We have developed custom software for many companies that are focused towards businesses needs and not for the mass market. Our software development knowledge will ensure we provide you with a solution that meets your business objectives that is reliable, scalable and extendable.
Our expert team of experienced developers create cutting edge web & mobile applications across diverse business domains. We focus on offering advanced features, and enhanced functionality through the use of appropriate technologies ensuring a successful result. We work with technologies like ajax,, dotnet, web services, cloud computing, E-commerce systems, EDI interfaces, account integration etc.

Services We Offer:

  • Mobile Applications
    If you are unhappy with your mobile application or want to enhance the performance of the existing one or want a new application built, then we can help. We have mobile application development solutions based on your market interests, idea or business objectives. We develop for all mobile application development platforms and we have no second thoughts about our ability to deliver you desired mobile web applications. We develop mobile applications for iPhone(IOS), Android, and Windows Mobile.

  • Help Desk Systems
    We have experience with developing help desk systems to suite your ‎working environment and business processes.‎

  • Database
    Need a custom database solution? We can scale databases from single to distributed model and able to upscale databases as well. Have you got a Microsoft access database that has reached its limit? We work with Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, SQLite, Microsoft Access etc.

  • CRM Software
    Manage your customer relationships more efficiently by organizing and automating your marketing, sales and customer service.

  • Accounting Integration
    Control your finances, using powerful and flexible custom accounting software integration solutions. We have integration solutions for MYOB, XERO, QuickBooks, Sage to name a few.

  • ERP Software
    Maximize your business effectiveness, integrating all its data and processes into a single unified system.

  • Business Intelligence Software
    Respond quickly and adapt to changes in business environment by gathering, storing and analyzing your business information.

  • Smart Clients
    A smart client solution can provide advanced features depending on the data connectivity. Internet isn't always available so a smart client solution has the intelligence to work offline/online having the best of both worlds.

  • Custom Software Development
    We also develop custom software for various other needs like specialty software to market a product, kiosk programs and many others.

  • Systems Integration
    Need to integrate between a legacy system and another system. We have successfully integrated many systems. We assist customers with the complex tasks of integrating software systems, processes and technologies both within the corporate intranet and in a business-to-business environment.


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